Introduction to the Science and Engineering Practice Standards



Participants will be able to:
  • Review draft of the Massachusetts Science Curriculum Frameworks. Identify science practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas in the standards.
  • Describe each of the science and engineering practices and how to implement them in science instruction.
  • Explain how to support scientific explanation using the framework of claims, evidence, and reasoning.
  • Create entries in an interactive science notebook to document scientific thinking and explanations.
  • Engage in the scientific inquiry process and engineering process.

Science Autobiography:

  • A science autobiography is a personal description of your experience with science, in or out of school, through teachers, friends, parents, museums, magazines and other sources.
  • Our ideas and beliefs in science can be preconceived from our learning and teaching experiences. These are formed by our direct experiences with science and the people we meet who work in science.
  • Please think about your own personal experience with school science, scientists, science in the media, and science teachers. It doesn't matter how limited or extensive your experiences are, only that you describe them.
  • Write about your experiences with school science up to the present, explaining what you think of the study of science involves. Be as candid as possible. This writing and thinking exercise will be your first step toward teaching science in school!
  • Start your autobiography with the phrase Science is……..

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Life Sciences

Investigation #1

DNA-Do all living things have DNA?

  • Write your response to the prompt in your science notebook.
  • Question Collection: What other questions does the prompt spark? Create an entry in your science notebook.

Developing and Using Models of DNA

Virtual Model of DNA

Text Connection:
Read the article once.
Read a second time. Highlight claims in pink, evidence in yellow, and reasoning in blue.

How do scientists write explanations?

Extracting DNA

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Introduction to the Science Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas

Science Notebooks

Resources for Science Notebooks

Name that Science and Engineering Practice

Using the following organizer, name the science practices you see in the following science lesson.

Engineering Challenge of the Day:

End of the Day Reflection: